Air Handling Units MD

Indoor / Outdoor Installation

Range Available 1.5 TR to 135 TR

Air flow: 1.000 – 80.000 m3/h.

Interklima MD series Air Handling Units are the result of a vast experience in the field of air treatment , of more than 30 years in almost every market in the world. Interklima air handling units are successfully in operation for more than 30 years, in any conceivable climatic conditions from -50° C to +50° C and from 5% to 99% relative humidity.

The current MD line incorporates all knowledge accumulated over the years and offers the best value for money in the market. MD series is a multi-functional air management system that can move, cool, heat, humidify, dehumidify and clean air to the desirable conditions, regarding temperature, humidity and filtration. A vast range of components can be fitted in a precision manufactured modular casing, offering complete air tightness and a high degree of thermal insulation and energy efficiency.


1. Casing:

1.1 Frame: The casing frame is constructed of heavy aluminum profiles, joined together by means of special synthetic corner pieces made of solar radiation resistant glass reinforced polyamide, of excellent mechanical characteristics. The profiles are fixed on the corner pieces via galvanized allen head screws, that are completely hidden , thus creating an aesthetically perfect box.
The profiles themselves are thermally insulated, built in two pieces joined together by means of synthetic bars. Thus any metal contact and therefore heat transfer between the internal part of the unit and the environment is completely blocked. Air tightness is ensured by a double gasket system . The internal gasket profile is inserted in the profile through a special slot and the internal part of the panels are thus completely isolated. Another external EPDM gasket id used where panels are fixed on the casing. This double gasket system has been designed for both positive or negative pressures in the unit. Three different types of profiles are used, one at the unit length and ends, one at the boxes junction and finally a panel separating omega profile for lengthy boxes. The internal surface of the unit is completely flat and very easy to clean. There are no internal frame or other projections.

1.2 Panels: The unit panels are of the double wall type. A special synthetic EPDM profile completely insulates the external and the internal panel walls, so that there is no metallic contact between them. That means that the internal panel wall cannot thermally affect the external wall. Insulation thickness is of 50 mm as standard. Thus perfect thermal and acoustical performance is achieved.

There is a choice from two different types of insulating material :

Injected and expanded polyurethane having a density of 40 kg/m³ made of environmentally friendly materials.
Mineral wool from 50 kg/m³ to 100 kg/m³.

The panels are fixed on the profiles by sheet metal screws, inserted on predrilled holes. The screws are guided by means of a synthetic well and closed by removable synthetic caps , so again there is no metallic contact between screws and panels.

1.3 Doors: Where frequent access to the internal components of the unit is required , door panels are provided. The construction is similar to the standard fixed panels. The doors are equipped with handles and hinges to permit quick opening and access. The handles are installed on the door panel and are functioning externally, by means of a special latch installed on the profiles. Thus the door panels are positively pressed on the frame and there is no piercing of the door that could create air leakages. Upon request, the handles can be equipped with a key lock, thus avoiding interference with the internal parts of the unit by unauthorized persons. Also upon request a double wall polycarbonate window can be installed on doors or other panels.

1.4 Panels construction material: Standard panel construction is of galvanized steel sheets of suitable thickness. Upon request panels can be provided with a powder coating of a thickness of 60 μ. The painting procedure is completely automated and consists of cleaning, phosphating , drying, electrostatic powder coating and baking at 200 ° C. Stansdard colors used are RAL 9002 and RAL7042. This coating can be applied on one side only (usually the external wall) or both sides. Panels can also be manufactured of stainless steel or aluminum, both sides or one side only.

1.5 Base: A heavy gauge steel base 100 mm high is provided as standard, to facilitate unit installation and leveling. Different base heights can be provided , upon request. Also leveling screws can be provided upon request.