Centrifugal Exhausters

Cook power roof and wall ventilators provide maximum performance and durability in a wide variety of commercial and industrial air moving applications. Exhaust applications include general ventilation, fume-hood, paint booth and smoke control systems.

  • AC unit top cap assembly is designed to provide weather protection for the motor and drive components while maintaining easy, tool free access for inspection and maintenance.
  • Standard lifting lugs, located under the top cap, provide for safe, fast and efficient lifting of the unit to a rooftop.
  • One piece fan base, which includes a high-efficiency inlet venture and continuously welded curb cap corners, ensures weather tight conditions.
  • Spun aluminum baffle is designed to provide smooth, turbulent-free airflow.
  • Wheels are centrifugal type featuring non-overloading, backward-inclined blades and a tapered inlet shroud.
  • Accurate performance is assured through compliance with the AMCA Certified Ratings Program. All units are licensed to bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal for Air and Sound Performance.
  • Construction Features include
  1. Down blast & up blast models
  2. Direct & belt drive motors
  3. Roof & wall mounts
  4. Smoke & grease options
  5. Easy access to motor & belts
  6. Auto belt pensioner available
  • Electronially communtated motors available