Centrifugal Inline Fans

LOREN COOK COMPANY’s Centri-Vane® and Centri-Vane® Stretch are constructed of aluminum and designed for straight-through air flow. Performance ranges from 50 to 31,200 CFM with static pressures to 6” w.g. The Centri-Vane® belt drive is offered in 9 sizes from 12 to 36 and is available in duct mounted inline and roof mounted supply, exhaust and up blast configurations. The Centri-Vane® direct drive is offered in 7 sizes from 8 to 20 in duct mounted inline configuration.
Specially designed mixed-flow wheel provides unique performance with stable operation from free air to shutoff.

  • True airfoil blades provide non-overloading horsepower characteristics
  • All aluminum construction reduces unit weight and associated installation costs
  • Adjustable mounting brackets permit mounting in any desired position.
  • Compact straight-through design saves valuable floor space compared to a conventional centrifugal blower
  • Straightening vanes insure linear movement of air at the fan discharge providing higher efficiency and lower overall noise levels.