CR Series Dehumidifiers

Product Range
0.6 to 24.6 kg/hr

The CR dehumidifier range features air volume capacities from 100 m3/hour up to 10,000 m3/hour. These are “all round” units, ideal for use in a wide variety of different ways.

CR – available in 18 different sizes

Cotes CR models are available in 18 different sizes, designed so they are easy to tailor to specific tasks and particular installations.

Cotes CR units are fitted with two ventilators, providing separate air flows for process air and regeneration air.

Electrically heated surfaces are used for regeneration. The two largest CR models – CR7000T and CR10000T – can also use gas for drying the water-saturated rotor.


  • Deep drying at the specified air volume
  • Effective and washable silica gel rotor
  • Separate air flows for process air and regeneration air (2 ventilators*)
  • Effective rotor gaskets ensure high effect level
  • Sufficient pressure available for connection of additional ducts
  • Supports connection of round standard ducts
  • Filter cartridges for process air inlet
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • A complete unit including integrated electrical system
  • * Note that the dry air connection on the largest CR models has a square cross-section.

Standard features:

  • Models CR100 to CR1200 feature a stainless steel cabinet.
  • Models CR1500, CR2000, CR2500, CR2400T and CR5000T feature a painted cabinet.
  • Models CR7000T(E/G) and CR10000T(E/G) feature a cabinet of AluZink.
  • Electric heating element for regeneration. Note that model CR7000T and CR10000T also support heating with gas for the regeneration process.