CRB Series Dehumidifiers

Product Range
0.45 to 1.2 kg/hr

The CR.B dehumidifier range features five models of smaller dehumidifiers, with capacities of between 120 m3/hour and 400 m3/hour.

Where to use CR.B units

Cotes CR.B models are designed for humidification duties in small-scale stationary installations, such as smaller rooms, storerooms, waterworks, etc. Since CR.B dehumidifiers only have one ventilator – for both process air and regeneration air – they are also suitable for removing unwanted moisture from open systems, such as boilers and turbines in power plants (when not in operation), military aircraft and vehicles, or gliders and yachts.

Their size are also makes them ideal for use in temporary and ad hoc humidification tasks, such as drying buildings once construction work is complete, or drying buildings damaged by flooding.


  • Built for mobility; with a handle for easy lifting and transportation
  • Single-phase power supply (10A)
  • Stainless steel cabinet)
  • Strong construction for long-term use
  • Compact assembly
  • Low weight/capacity ratio
  • Supports connection of a hygrostat (connector available)
  • Large capacity at the specified air volume
  • Effective and washable silica gel rotor
  • Sufficient pressure available for connection of additional ducts
  • Supports connection of round standard ducts
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • A complete unit that includes integrated electrical systems
  • Chronometer