CRT Series Dehumidifiers

Product Range
15 to 238 kg/hr

Top-of-the-line modular design

Energy-wise this is the top of the Cotes dehumidifier range for room condition, with standard air volume capacities from 4,000 m3/hour to approx. 40,000 m3/hour. Considerably larger customised models are available on request. Click here for more information.

They feature a modular design prepared for installation of a wide range of heaters, cooling systems, fans filters, control options, etc.

Cotes Flexible dehumidifiers are designed for large-scale process drying – where effectiveness, versatility and reliability are crucial, and where either high ∆X and exceptionally dry air, or exceptional volumes of process air, are often required.

If you have queries about the new Cotes Flexible CRP/CRT range, get in touch with Thomas Larsen /T +45 22 94 33 09.

Where to use COTES FLEXIBLE CRT dehumidifiers

The FLEXIBLE CRT dehumidifiers are ideal for controlling levels of humidity in both individual rooms and larger areas, given the fact that energy from a connected source is used more efficiently when deep drying is not required. Such areas can include large warehouses, ice rinks, etc.

The FLEXIBLE CRT dehumidifiers can also be used for process drying where the levels of delta X required are only modest.

FLEXIBLE CRT characteristics

  • Heating of regeneration air by electricity, steam, gas, and other energy forms
  • Stainless steel cabinet (AISI304 or 316)r
  • Made for easy cleaning, inside and outside)
  • F6 pocket filter for process air
  • Large filter area for long life and effective filtration
  • Effective and washable rotor
  • Large capacity in kg/h at the specified air volume
  • Process air ventilator for individual adaptation to system resistance
  • SSR relays for exact temperature control with the possibility of modulated control based on humidity
  • Effective rotor gaskets ensure high effect level.