Panasonic Double Effect Steam Operated Absorption Chiller

Product Range

70 TR to 1500 TR

Our G series steam-fired LiBr absorption chiller is made of evaporator, absorber, condenser, low temperature generator, high temperature generator, refrigerant condensate heat reclaim device, heat exchanger, heat reclaimer, solution pump and refrigerant pump etc.

Principle of operation: chilled water is cooled in evaporator by low temperature refrigerant which has been decompressed and throttled from condenser, and the refrigerant is turned into vapor after absorbing the heat of chilled water, then is absorbed into absorber where the concentrated solution is turned into dilute solution.

The dilute solution in the absorber is pumped through refrigerant ondensate heat reclaim device, low temperature heat exchanger, heat reclaimer, high temperature heat exchanger where the solution temperature goes up, to the high temperature generator at last, where the dilute solution is heated and condensed into medium solution.

The medium solution flows through high temperature heat exchanger, into low temperature generator where the medium solution is heated by the refrigerant vapour coming from high temperature generator and turned into final concentrated solution. The concentrated solution flows through low temperature heat exchanger where the temperature goes down, then into the absorber and is sprayed on the cooling water tubes where it absorbs the refrigerant vapour from evaporator and is turned into dilute solution. On the other hand, the vapour in the high temperature generator produced by heating lithium-bromide solution, floats into low temperature generator where it heats the medium solution and itself is coagulated into refrigerant through the refrigerant condensate heat reclaim device where the temperature goes down. Then the refrigerant floats into condenser with refrigerant vapor from low temperature generator and is cooled into refrigerant after being decompressed and throttled in the condenser. After that, the refrigerant flows into evaporator where it is sprayed on the condensed coils, cool the chilled water in the evaporator. Above process circles again and again for producing chilled water continuously.

Fully utilize the heat quantity of refrigerant
condensate to increase the heat efficiency by 10% and decrease the heat load of cooling water. Increase the dilute solution temperature of the low temperature heat exchanger outlet to make solution circuit far from crystal area, so make sure the machine operation is more safe and reliable.

Internal refrigerant self-adapting cold storage device

  • Adapt change in load and supply the refrigerant of evaporator automatically.N “Cold storage”, save energy running farthest.
  • Shorten the starting time of machine.
  • Shorten the dilution running time.
  • Adapt the more lower cooling water inlet temperature
  • Prevent “cavitation” of the refrigerant pump to prolong the pump operating life.

Safe and reliable running mode

Suits low load operation of 40-80%, adopts new frequency conversion control system, internal refrigerant self-adjusting cooling storage device, quick heat state balance circulation technology, obviously saves partial load and start time energy consumption, Integrated Partial Load Value (IPLV) rises greatly.

Multi crystallization prevention safety control

Micro-computer monitors and calculates the solution concentration automatically to make the solution circuit far from crystal area, and adjust solution flowrate and fuel volume automatically to prevent crystallization completely.

High temperature generator cold-state regenerator technology. Temperature is low and running is safe. Adopt new style patent refrigerant condensate heat reclaim device to increase the dilute solution temperature of the low temperature heat exchanger to make solution circuit far from crystal area, so make sure the machine operation is more safe and reliable.

Overall anti-corrosion safety design

Adopt Sanyo patent LiBr solution Adopt lithium molybdate as inhibitor Lithium molybdate inhibitor is safe and no harm to environment, and form protection film on the surface of copper tube and steel plate and not easily resolved even in high temperature condition

Material processing use Sanyo patent Pachuca technology

Remove the grease and rusty spot of material surface completely to form compact and uniform safety film through eighteen different procedures

H.T.Generator adopts more capacity splitter design to prevent refrigerant pollution
Five vacuum keeping design

  1. Bow wave type spiral spray nozzle.
  2. New patented upper/down shell factional pressure gas/steam separator, utilizing lowering pressure de-air technology.
  3. Ag-Pd tube automatic exhaust.
  4. Storage room lowering-pressure to enlarge capacity design.
  5. Upper/down shell two purge system

New speed type PID control, accuracy much higher
Replace the original position-type PID control to make the accuracy much more higher and can be quick responsive to sudden load change

Cooling water safe operation scope is more extensive

Micro-computer monitors the cooling water temperature to adjust the fuel consumption and solution circulation automatically which make the cooling water operate safely even in the temperature range of 15 – 34°C

Intelligent micro-computer control system

Adopt Japan Sanyo patent micro-computer intelligent control system, which broke through the traditional control system. Sanyo is the first enterprise that introduces the fuzzy control and expert control technology to the LiBr absorption central air-conditioning control system, which include many intelligent softwares, such as automatic load regulator, self-diagnosis, maintenance precognition, expert save energy software etc.