FC Series Square Type Cooling Tower

Product Range
128 Tons to 1287 Tons


Airfoil-shaped blades are totally fabricated from fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) with an additional epoxy coating for the resistance of ultra violet ray and acid rain corrosion. The hubs are of cast aluminum alloy. Blades with large chord are axial type with adjustable pitch for permitting maximum utilization of rated horsepower and optimum performance. The aerodynamic shape together with the lower tip speed ensure a lower noise level.


The fan motors are totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) foot mounted with weatherproof IP44 Class E insulation. The motors are mounted on an adjustable base located inside the fan stack ensuring lower noise level. The fans are vee-belt driven and are located in the bottle neck of fan stack ensuring free and smooth air discharge and high efficiency with low energy consumption. (IP 55 Motor can be provided upon request)


Filler is vacuum-formed of 0.4mm thickness PVC film with excellent chemical and high distortion resistance, and is suitable for operation with inlet water temperature up to 55o C . Its compact package design is easier to take out for cleaning. The special configuration of the filler incorporates the function of drift eliminator, louver and wet-deck surface. The honeycomb shaped louver feature contributes minimum resistance to airflow and prevents the ingress of foreign matters. The drift eliminator prevents water


FRP open type gravity flow hot water distribution trays are non-corrosive and long life, and are specially designed for nonclogging operation and ease of inspection. A distribution cap is attached on top to prevent water from splashing out and a redistribution layer of PVC mesh is placed on top of the filler to provide full coverage of water distribution.


All supporting steel members are hot-dip galvanized to minimize rusting and corrosion ensure long service life even in corrosive atmosphere. Stainless steel hardware members are also available upon request.


Casing and basin are made of FRP which excels in corrosion, chemical and weather resistance. They are light weight and easy to assemble and obviates the need for painting, thus reduce maintenance costs and guarantee long reliable service.


Fan stack is made of FRP. The special aerodynamic design as well as the location of fan provide more than 10% of motor power saving. Furthermore, because of the longer stack, it can discharge hot moist air away from the tower so as to minimize the chance of re-circulation.


Inspection doors are furnished to provide convenient access to the interior for inspection, maintenance, adjustment of float valve, cleaning of the lift-out strainer and flushing of the sump.