Machine Room Less (MRL) Hydraulic Lift

The increasing market demands during the last decade through out Europe, in combination with the flexibility of the new European regulations, orientated DOPPLER Manufacturing towards the design, certification and supply of hydraulic lifts without motor room. Depending on the project two different types are offered. The HYDRO MRL, where all the motor room equipment is fitted into a metal cabinet and the HYDRO TOTAL MRL, where the tank of the power unit is placed into the shaft pit whilst the controller and the valve block are fitted into a stainless steel cabinet adjacent to the landing door post.

  • Compliance with EN 81 regulations and directive 95/16/ΕC
  • Capacity range from 200 kg to 2.000 kg
  • Speed up to 0.9m/sec
  • Travel up to 18m (7 stops)
  • Low noise and smooth operation
  • Stiff structure
  • Standard Automatic Emergency Operation