Single Effect Hot water Operated Absorption Chiller

Product Range

30 TR to 1500 TR

Economical Operation

Since energy is mainly used for the operation of pump circulating refrigerant and solution, power consumption is minimal.

Low Noise and Low Vibration

With fewer mechanical parts than conventional chillers, both niose and vibration are reduced

Prevention of Crystallization

The chiller’s vacuum is maintained longer because the ejector method simultaneously extracts non-condensable gases from inside the upper and lower shells. Purging capacity is over seen by an automatic monitoring function which provides notice of the remaining purging time by means of an illuminated readout.

Minimizing start-up and Dilution time

The refrigerant recycling circuit permits cooling water temperature of 19°C during operation. The optimum duration of dilution is determined automatically according to the cooling load obtained when the chiller stops.

Digital PID Control

PID (Proportional, Integral and Derivative.) governance permits highly uniform chilled water temperature.

Wide Range of Operation

The chillers can be operated over a wide range of inlet cooling water temperature extending from 19°c up to 34°c this means that energy consumption can be regulated for an optimum operation cycle at any cooling water temperature, resulting in reliable probability and energy savings