Steam Bath – Electro VAP MC


How does it work ?

When the unit goes on, the inlet valve opens and cylinder fills of water. Water enters the bottom of the boiler and rises until it reaches the high level electrode. The electric current by applying power to electrodes immersed in water, heats the water to produce steam. The quantity of steam produced is proportional to the electric current, which is proportional to the level of water. Due to evaporation, the water level decreases and gets more conductive meaning that the water has to be replaced. Temperature controls the steam output which is discharge by at least one nozzle into the steam bath.


  • Drived by microprocessor
  • Steam output from 5 to 90 Kg/Hrs
  • Can be used with tap, soft and DI water
  • Alpha digital control panel in standard
  • Disposable or cleanable cylinder
  • Plain stainless steel electrodes
  • 3 wires temperature sensor for safety
  • Recyclable plastic cylinders
  • Automatic drain after inactivity
  • 2 versions : either directly on the unit or through our remote control panel
  • Easy installation and maintenance


  • Perfume dispenser which includes pump, coil and tank
  • Disinfectant dispenser which includes pump, tank and pipe
  • Steam plastic nozzles


  • Wellness and fitness center
  • Luxury hotels