Tube Axial Fans

COOK AF tube axial fans are designed to fill the performance gap between typical duct fans and heavy-duty vane axial fans

  • High efficiency propeller with six airfoil blades available in one-piece cast aluminum (AFB-C and AFD-C); welded steel (AFB-H); or welded stainless steel (AFB-S).
  • Minimum 12 gauge steel housing with continuously welded seams, and integral inlet and outlet flanges pre-punched for mounting.
  • Copper lubrication lines are standard on belt drive units and also standard on direct drive units when applicable.
  • The motor plate is attached to a heavy welded sub-base and features threaded studs for positive belt tension.
  • Direct drive units feature a totally enclosed motor.
  • Belt drive units feature an inner drum that encloses the driven sheave, shaft and bearings. The low-drag tunnel, separating belts from the air stream, also protect the extended lubrication lines. Removable covers provide access to the shaft, bearings and belts.
  • All steel fan components feature a LorenizedĀ® powder coat finish.
  • Bearings are heavy duty releasable ball or roller type in a cast iron pillow block housing selected for a minimum L50 life in excess of 400,000 hours for horizontal units and L50 life in excess of 250,000 hours for vertical units.