About Us

Mecatech has been a leader in the development of engineering services in Pakistan providing internationally recognized HVAC/Mechanical equipment and services across the country. With a group of professional engineers, planners, sales engineers, contract/purchase engineers, quality inspectors, designers and draftsmen working side by side under one roof, mecatech is constantly striving hard to give its honorable clients best engineering/HVAC and MEP solutions.

The organization and our seasoned staff have extensive experience of over 20 years on projects and a record of devoted and commendable proficient work while working for the Government of Pakistan, Provincial Governments, various Corporations, Autonomous Bodies, reputed multi-nationals and the private sector in areas likes hospitals, shopping malls, residential apartments, textile industry, pharmaceutical, educational institutes, banks and commercial buildings; hence displaying our professional skills in all spheres of life.

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News / Announcement

Doppler Lifts give Sole Distribution rights to Mecatech in Pakistan