CEO Message

“In 1989, Mecatech embarked on its consulting journey. Our work on iconic projects, such as the Convention Centre Islamabad, established our reputation for excellence. Driven by our internal motto of constant innovation, we expanded into the sales and supply of HVAC equipment in 1999 and diversified into Civil Engineering and Power Generation in subsequent years. While our awards and portfolio of successful projects speak volumes, our greatest pride lies in the exceptional team we have built over the years. Our relentless focus on innovation and execution has earned us a prestigious clientele that values our dedication and expertise.”

– Anwar Ul Haq, CEO


Our Vision

Mecatech’s focus is on the highest industry standards. Our products and services reflect careful attention to detail which results in the highest client sastisfaction.

Our HVAC systems meet the highest standards of efficiency and performance, ensuring optimal indoor environments for our clients. In the field of M.E.P, we integrate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing solutions to deliver comprehensive and seamless project execution.

Our power generation services are dedicated to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions, while our civil engineering projects focus on innovative and resilient infrastructure development. Additionally, our operation and maintenance services ensure the longevity and optimal performance of all systems, reflecting our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Our Accolades

Over the years, Mecatech has received recognition for its commitment to excellence. 

Our Mission

With a team of highly skilled professional engineers, planners, project managers, contract and purchase specialists, quality inspectors, designers, and draftsmen, Mecatech is committed to delivering excellence. Each member of our team brings specialized expertise and a deep understanding of their field, ensuring tailored solutions for every client. Our engineers and planners meticulously design and oversee projects, while our project managers ensure timely and efficient execution. Contract and purchase specialists guarantee seamless procurement processes, and our quality inspectors maintain rigorous standards. Designers and draftsmen work collaboratively to bring innovative ideas to life. This synergy within our team, backed by our ISO 9001 TUV certification, enables us to consistently exceed client expectations, providing customized, high-quality, and expertly managed engineering solutions.